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Who are we? (What we're about, what we're not. The Dream's Standards)

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Who are we? (What we're about, what we're not. The Dream's Standards)

Post  Magil on Sun Jul 05, 2009 1:14 pm

Hogwarts Institute of Higher Knowledge is not your typical Hogwarts Dream.

Let's go over the score, quickly:

We are located in I...which means that we are, by definition, a Strict Roleplay Dream. WE want YOU to be happy. However, we also need to have a solid continuity. Having uncommon wand cores is also fine. Having strange back stories...and the like...is fine. In short, we are not purist. But we are what we are.

We have standards. What HIHK strives for, truly, is something in between Persona and Continuity. Or, what I like to call, Persona Plus. The beginning of this is seeking realism. That means that your powers need to be reasonable. No god-modding. You must have a reasonable name. ...that doesn't mean that you need to have a first and a last name. Cher goes by Cher. However...no reasonable person names their child Nessa-07. ...get me? We're looking out for the dream, here. ...it adds to the standard.

In addition. There are designated OOC areas where OOC is expected to be going on continuously. When you are not in an OOC area...it is alright to be OOC, so long as nobody around you is roleplaying. ROLEPLAYERS TAKE PRIORITY.

That being said. The purpose of this dream is to give people a chill environment to roleplay so that they can become better over time. Nobody starts off as this incredibly, god-like roleplayer...it takes time. Lots and lots of time. As long as you put in effort, we're willing to recognize that you're trying and give you a hand. However...we'll know if you aren't trying atall...and if you're being intentionally annoying. Which is...difficult for us to sympathize with.

In other words? Use your common sense. Stick to Harry Potter...with just a bit of flair. Try hard. Have fun. That's what we built the place for.

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