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Rules and Rights

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Rules and Rights

Post  Magil on Sun Jul 05, 2009 1:20 pm

There are two big rules here. The first rule is simple: Respect self, others and property.

If you do that, it covers just about every other rule that I could put up here. It includes not annoying people, because that would be disrespectful to them. It includes not spamming spells, because that would be disrespectful to the dream. It includes not engaging oneself in a roleplay and then multiworlding...for, again, that would be disrespectful to your roleplaying partner.

The possible list goes on.

Basically, I've come to recognize that if I set rules, people will find loop-holes. ...so I'm using a blanket rule. If you are in direct contradiction with it, you will have my staff and I to deal with.

1st offense: Warning
2nd offense: Detention
3rd offense: Ejection

...literally. 3 strikes and you're out. Keep pissing us off, and you're banned. We all want to have a good time here...but we can't do it if people are being stupid. ...the reason that the consequences HAVE to be so harsh...is because we all have rights.

- A safe, sane learning environment
- A fun place to enjoy the continuity
- A continually growing community
- A supportive community
- Regular classes
- Assistance, whenever needed
- Respect
- Regular Feedback
- Improvement

...then there's the staff.

- A safe, sane learning environment
- A fun place to enjoy the continuity
- A continually growing community
- Be respected
- Enjoy their classes
- Participate in roleplays with other Hogwarts Dreams, without persecution. The same as students.
- Support from their administration
- Deal with those who would ruin the dream standard (because they, too, have a right to a dream standard)

...now...so long as everybody respects one-another's rights...I reckon we'll be okay. It is my job, or a teacher's job, to take care of an issue should they see it. It is the job of the caretaker and the prefects to monitor the dream for quality control issues. We reserve the right to monitor you for the betterment of the dream.

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