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WHEN are we? (Continuity)

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WHEN are we? (Continuity)

Post  Magil on Sun Sep 13, 2009 7:01 pm

This continuity is a bit book, and a bit imagination. The continuity so far:

In 9,000 B.C., the Magical Kingdom of Zalant, housing the first ever Wizard Community fell. They were the ones to create the Global Magical Network, a thick network of mist-like substance which covered the entire planet and could be shaped by the Wizarding Community into whatever they desired. It was, literally, infinite...both in substance and in possibility. Absolute power.

The fall was messy. It was a time of power-lust and complete desire from the Kingdom's King and Queen. To prevent this re-occuring, the survivors of the Kingdom put significant limitations on the Global Magical Network:

- No Creating Life
- No Creating Food, Material or Sustainance (Within reason. This was to stabilize future economy)
- Human transformation was meant to be temporary

...in addition, the magical network itself was thinned. In order to shape the magical network, wands were required to magnify what little magic was allowed to remain. To prevent people gaining too much power from this, wandlore was created. Spells, pre-packed shapes FOR the magic, were programmed into the wands. These shapes could then be summoned by invoking the magic born into the Witch or Wizard's blood, and summoning the Magic from the Global Magical Network, through their vessel, through the wand, and out.

The Global Magical Network has now been so thin for so long that it would be impossible to create a more unlimited source of power. We cannot fix the world's present state, for the limitations on the Global Magical Network (while a good idea at the time and, arguably, still a good one now) disallow us from creating spells of any greater power than the ones we possess presently.

Fast forward.

The books happen.

After the books, Lord Voldemort's two attempted takeovers have decimated the economy and politics of Wizarding Communities world-wide. Not only do we need to rebuild business, the people feel jaded and leaderless. The government remained almost completely powerless while a single boy defeated the threat.

The British Military, as they often do in this instance, stepped in. They proposed, in the U.K., a world where they would protect the community from any other threats by creating a superior army that would be powerful enough to keep promises where the Ministry could not. The British Military became the ruling power, and the head of the Military, the President of the Nation. Swift changes came into place. Everything now had a price in Galleons...everything was worth its weight in gold, in the truest sense. Masked behind a national protectionism theory, to rebuild economy more quickly, what was beginning to fall into place was a Capitalist Utopianism. ...or, rather, a Capitalist Dystopianism. With the Military steeped (magically) in every bit of every person's lives, and every single action, service, and item in the nation having a price...the people became cold and defensive. Especially where money and magic were concerned. The gap between the rich and the poor widened.

Enter Hogwarts. Hogwarts was already thrown into doubt during Voldemort's second attempt, now they were struggling to get back onto their feet. The Military offered them an ultimatum: We will support you financially, and pay for the tuitions of all of your students. We will give you the capability to educate them in a thoroughly superior way to any other school on the planet. ...in return, we ask for their mandatory conscription as National Wizards in the British Military for 2 years following their Graduation.

Headmaster Magil Zalant knew that he was creating human nukes for the State...but saw little other choice, given the circumstance. The school was renamed to the "Hogwarts Institute of Higher Knowledge", and promising students began to be cherry-picked from other schools with promises of power, money and priviledge.

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