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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Post  Magil on Sat Sep 19, 2009 4:10 pm

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do we move up years?

The purpose of this dream is to give people a low-pressure environment in which to improve their writing. Essentially, first years are easily identifiable, for they have just started out roleplaying. Seventh years should be good enough at writing, through practice, that they could write a novel, given the time and motivation. To this end, the staff and I have a meeting at the end of every month to discuss at what years students should be. So...the short answer is, attend classes and get better at writing.

2. Can we make Death Eaters, Werewolves, Vampires, etc?

No thank-you. We have enough drama as it is...since it would be illegal to do so in the real Hogwarts, it is also illegal here.

3. Are we allowed to play Canon Characters?

Please read 'when are we', in 'Welcome, (Please Read)'. The dream takes place AFTER everything has occurred, therefore all students will have already graduated, and most teachers will have moved on.

4. What is the password for my common room?

There is none. Your unique PhoenixSpeak will allow you to enter your own common room and only your common room.

5. When are classes?

Whenever teachers decide to teach. We have a lot of teachers.

6. Why can't I use [insert spell here]?

Spells are year-specific. See 'How do we move up years?' and 'Spell list' for more details. In addition, just in case you don't understand how patching works: Most spells create items. They, for a time, transform item '0' in front of you, to the item that the spell specifies. So, if you try to use them where there are ALREADY items...they won't work. This should not surprise people, but it does. I find it rather entertaining, on the whole.

7. How do we apply for staff?

Here. At the bottom of the staff list is the application.

8. How do we apply for Animagi?

Take the staff list and modify it to your needs. If you need me to tell you, specifically, how to do that...then you probably won't be able to handle the position anyway.

9. Are there Advanced Classes?

Advanced classes ARE offered. Read the books. In 6th year, students may take AP Potions, Charms, DADA, etc. Some careers require a certain level in those classes.

10. Why don't you schedule classes? Then maybe people would make an effort to come.

There was once a dream called Hogw@rts that had class schedules. It didn't work out well because people have real lives. Some people can't make it. Others, eventually, realized that they were scheduling their lives around a bloody game, and just didn't bother to show up. So, the most realistic way is that classes wait for people to be in them...rather than the other way around. If you would like more classes, the best solution is to get more people.

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