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Staff List and Applications

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Staff List and Applications

Post  Magil on Sun Jul 05, 2009 1:21 pm

(Positions with *'s by them mean that this position IS NOT a position you can apply for, but rather one that you are 'elected' for, so to speak, by Magil.)


Headmaster: Magil

*Deputy Headmistress/master:


Care of Magical Creatures: Beaut [Temp]

Divination: Liliona [Temp]


Muggle Studies: Diane Gilchrist

Potions: Faloura

Charms: Sidith

History of Magic: Jeeves

Arithmancy: Trisana fa Torren [Temp]

Astronomy: Kylie Menelwen

Ancient Runes: Alfr Aethling [Temp]

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Steven Katurnberry

Flying: Euan

Caretaker: Teaki

Nurses: Oxymoron,

Librarian: Sidith

School Poltergeist:

Ghosts: Bludger Burkheart,


Sidith (Tiger)
Samantha Sylphair (Dog)
Faloura (Cat)

Heads of Houses:



*Ravenclaw: Jeeves


Head boys/girls:








*Ravenclaw: Kailee-Ri VanLaren,


SO. All that being said, if you wish to apply for a position that is not asterisked, you may do so. What you do, is you email your answers to the following to kevleask@gmail.com:

1. What is your Furcadian Name?

2. How much roleplaying experience have you had before? Include previous Hogwarts experience.

3. Why this subject?

4. Why this school?

5. What do you believe your character brings to the table, roleplay-wise?

6. A sample post of your teaching, para-length minimum.

... ... ... following this, I will contact you in-game, and set-up some form of job interview. I'm looking, above all, for competent people, whom I can trust, who will support me. I need support...I can't do this alone. Prove to me that you can teach, and that you can help maintain the standard of the dream, and you have a good shot. You have an even better shot if you establish yourself as a student in the dream first...then I get to know you. You chances decrease, however, the more you pester me about your application...so choose your words wisely. ^_^

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